View Full Version : Ques about starting a Colony

03-20-2007, 04:59 PM
I have 2 Beardies, 3 Yellow Ackies and a Tegu. I want to start a roach colony. I have a 10 gl w/ a UTH. What kind would feed all of them? how many should I order? where to order?
what is needed to maintain them?


03-20-2007, 08:18 PM
I prefer Blaptica Dubia as far as roaches go they are the ones that i liked the most out of the several species i have kept (from lobsters,orange heads,discoids and craniifer x fuscas ) definatly shop around as some places are quite a bit higher than others (actually if you want a better deal than most online places go to http://chat.herpsites.net
and go into "mainroom" there's a guy there you will get you pretty good prices and all kinds of feeder insects including roaches) to start a roach colony you're better off starting with a couple hundred (the more you have initially the faster the colony will grow), basically all you need to breed them is to keep them warm and keep them well fed, species asuch as lobster roaches can be a pain as they can climb glass, and orange heads can cannibalize if not given enough protein in their diet. Rick (site owner) prefers discoids (If i'm not mistaken) for his needs. Blatta lateralis is anothert good species that are extremely quick and dont climb glass (but are a bit smaller than dubia or discoids) well, I hope that helps, oh here's a pic of one of my roach bins