View Full Version : Tegu at Thanksgiving dinner...

12-12-2005, 05:45 PM
This past Thanksgiving, I took my tegu home with me for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. We always gathered at my grandmother's house. And when I arrived, everyone in my family (16 or so people) had met my tegu except 6, who were from Indiana that only come in town once a year. And out of everyone who had met him, they all loved him. Anyways, long story short, he didnt leave my arm or shoulder all night except during dinner, he didnt make any noises or disrupt anyone in any way. But around 6:30 pm, after dinner, my aunt from Indiana walked over to me and made it clear in so many words, that my baby tegu was not welcome... IT WASNT EVEN HERE HOUSE, my grandmother even likes him.... so, I got very defensive, and instead of retaliating, i just decided to leave. But on the way out, i made it clear that i wouldnt be upset if they didnt come to visit next year....
The next day, i thought about my reaction can asked my mom why i got so defensive. She said that I see my baby tegu as almost my child, and my maternal instict kicked in or something. Anyone else ever feel like that? Or am i just wierd?
Oh yea, and my mom has accepted my baby 'gu as her grandchild:) cause that is all she is gonna get from me:)