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02-21-2006, 03:59 AM
Hi I am in desperate need of any and all information, experience, tips, ect. My Argentinean B&W has escaped. He is about 14in long and about 6 to 8 months old. I handle and feed him daily. It happened sometime yesterday or today (feb 19th, feb 20th). I spent the night at a friendís house so I couldnít tell you when exactly it happened. Anyway when I got home I checked his tank and I didnít see him which is nothing out of the ordinary however, the food I left him was still there, untouched. I figured something was wrong so I went sifting through the substrate. To my dismay I couldnít find him. I thought that cant be rite so I did it again, nothing (this had happened once before, I ripped apart he hall and still no luck and when I looked back at the cage he was sitting on top under a light fixture looking at me like I was an idiot), but this time he wasnít their. So I looked around thinking where could he have gone? the cage is located in an upstairs hallway with 5 open doorways within 10ft, 1 is a closet (the closest door), then my parents room, them my room, then a spare bedroom with a bunch of junk in it (lots of places to hide), then a bathroom. Then there is a flight of steps (carpeted and going downward) and my sisterís room about 15ft away. First I went through the closet, unfolding all the sheets and what have you on the bottom two shelves. Then through my parents room, then though mine (I cleaned everything, under the bed, under the dresser, desk, nightstand, the bottom of my closets, all of the floor), all to find nothing! At this point I had to go to work so I closed all of the doors to keep him where ever he is and put some cat food in the spare bedroom (tomorrow Iím going to go get some more food to cover all of the rooms). Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, chris.

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02-21-2006, 05:34 AM
Don't panic yet. If there are no open windows, air vents, etc. leading outside then he is somewhere dark hiding. I lost a 2 month old cornsnake a few weeks ago, but after 5 hours of searching I found him. And he is about the size of a pencil, so don't give up. Something that large can't disappear, unless he has access to outside. I heard that making noise with a paper or plastic bag can startle them and make them hiss, giving away their hiding place. Maybe try that. Or put cat food in every room in the house. When mine used to hide he would get under the t.v. or fridge, something dark and low to the ground. Good luck, hope you find him.

02-21-2006, 10:07 PM
TallBaldNTatt2ed: Argentina's do not hiss they huff
and a young one wouldn't be able to make a loud
enough huff, to reveal its location.
Ctnista07: I'm sure you've noticed that tegus are ungodly nosey when you have your tegu out. It's always trying to squeeze into every small, dark, and tight area it can get into. Remember your tegu is going to be cold so, it will most likely look for some area to remain warm.

Umm, I know that one of are members, takes the heat lamp
off their cage and sets it up close to the floor, when their tegu
is roaming along, outside its cage. Always seems to keep it coming
back the to same area. You can try setting it up in one of the
rooms while you storm another one.

My Tegu, Tila, is a couch nut. She's always trying to run underneath
it, get into the pillows so, that could be a place to check. Remember
when your looking, think like a Tegu. "I'm cold where can i go to get warm."

I'm sure you'll find your tegu in no time.

02-21-2006, 11:39 PM
I apologize for the negativity in advance, but why does it always seem that there are always a few people who know everything? I am sorry I said hiss instead of huff, such a huge difference. I was only trying to give a few suggestions, not searching the posts to critique what everyone had written. Like I said before, good luck finding your tegu.

02-22-2006, 03:10 AM
thanks guys for the help. when i was going through the room with all of the crap in it i found him under a suitcase in the closet. crafty little guy. i was surprised he didn't give me a hard time when i picked him up, prob because he was cold. anyway thanks for the tips.

02-22-2006, 03:56 AM
Seems as if when out of their enclosures, "and in yours", they go for dark, tight hiding places as this will make them feel more secure - good to hear you found him - take care of the escape routes, as if they are available, the Tegu will find a way...

02-22-2006, 08:49 AM
Its always a nightmare when they get out - mine went through a spate of about 5 escapes when he broke his old cage door, and always squeezed into the most awkward spaces. Last time we fond him in the alcove behind the fridge; he had actually pushed the fridge out to get behind it! Luckily he wasnt injured from the activity, but he was very cold. Nothing that a while under the basking lights didnt solve.

He ALWAYS leaves us a little "present" somewhere too, which is always nasty.

02-25-2006, 02:39 PM
I remember when my Gold had escaped when I first got her, twice. She was very small about a month or so. First time I found her easily. Second time I was not so lucky. It really sucked, had to tear apart my whole apartment trying to find her, what a mess! Found her in the back of a junk closet, hiding between the wall and a shoe. After that day, she never escaped again! JUst another learning experience, when owning a Tegu. SECURE LID TO ENCLOSURE :!: We all learn from are mistakes. Unfourtunately, I lost my first Tegu, and Argentine, do to not having a secure lid. I came home to find him missing. Found him dead, underneath my couch, his death will always be a mystery. He took a pretty big fall from his cage. I beleive he broke his back on the table on the way to the floor. :( It was a tragic loss! Once again, we learn from are mistakes. JuST FOR THE RECORD. My Argentine was 10 times more wicked than my Gold! He was a young juevinile when I got him, unable to handle him.

02-25-2006, 03:06 PM
Thanks for the props on T. teguixin! Mine is cool tempered and sits on my lap...i love him. :D

02-28-2006, 02:16 AM
My dad's tegu used to climb into armchairs from under neath so like they would be in the armrest and you'd put you arm down and the armrest would wiggle and HISS at you. So Just Id say keep the temps up in your house and check under the carpets. Borris used to climb under rugs and one time he got stepped on. He ran out on just his hind legs and made the most horrific noise. He was okay though! My little guy got out once and I thought that he was dead. It was scary he got really cold. Hes doing so well now though! He sheds all the time like as soon as his tail is finished it seems like he starts back up again!! Anyways good luck in finding your little guy!

02-28-2006, 04:23 AM
My tegu (King Koopa) has only escaped once, but it was completely my fault. I accidentally left one of the sliding plexiglass windows open a crack and left for a few hours. When I came back he was gone, and I knew right away.. I was afraid he might've crawled out of my room under the door, but I didn't freak. I found him a few minutes later in my closet.

There's also been two times where my male bearded dragon (Cowboy) has escaped from his outdoor enclosure. My dog (Shelby) was the first to notice he was missing.. she's kind of like the mother of all the pets, she takes care of them. Anyways, I looked all around my backyard (full of vegetation) and couldn't find him, but Shelby kept whining and running over to a hole in the fence leading to my neighbour's backyard. I hopped the fence and after routing around their forest of a yard I found him hidden in the leaves of some kind of really bushy plant. He was fine.. a little cold from being in the shade but that was all.

It's easily preventable, but when reptiles (or any pets for that matter) escape from where you're used to having them, it's a nervous situation.. but they almost always turn up somewhere.

02-28-2006, 09:54 AM
I remember before my girlfriend and I moved
in with each other. I was over at her house
one afternoon. This was during the time when Tila
was much smaller. So I had a lil cage, a plastic one
that I kept her in while I was over at my girlfriends house.
Well one day when I was sleeping in the room. Tila figure
out, if she take her hand and push on the lid it will open.
So she got out and was walking about the room and what

Which she would have stay if my girlfriend roommate
was not such a smoker. One good breeze came through
the apartment and blew the bedroom door open. My girlfriend
roommate soon let out a cry for me and I work up and came out.
To find Tila in the living room, basking under the sun, from an open
window. I can say that the gods was watching over Tila and myself that faithful day. Because had she decided to make a break for the door she would have ran off the second floor and hit nothing but pavement.

03-17-2006, 07:09 AM
scary...i have heaps of duct tape securing grim's temp. tank right now, he is too small to open it but I will definatley cut no corners in making his permanent home escape proof. An escaped tegu in my house would mean a very dead lizard and a bleeding dog.