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  1. Lucien can be a bit of a jerk too sometimes but I still love him. He hasn't tried to bite me yet so as long as that rains true I'll be pretty happy with him. I thought he would be full sized by now but I think it might be another year until he'll be as big as he can get. He out grew his tank so I'm getting a new one in a couple of weeks. How big is Steve?
  2. hey, sorry for the slow response Been kinda busy around here lately. but stevens doin good, hes getting pretty big now. hes a bit of a jerk sometimes to be honest, but good for the most part haha.
  3. Hi Fbodylove how is Steve?
  4. hey lin, long time no talk !
  5. Now it's not
  6. heyy your box is full !
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