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    Trying to lay in the hammock this summer while Gib gets some exercise. Instead of minding his own he wants to climb on me.

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    What a good, happy boy (the tegu). He looks like he's in really good shape from all that exercise, and so calm in his outdoor territory. That's great that you guys are such good buddies.

    I wish we had a tegu-safe yard for Hernando to run around in. He only gets natural light on the front porch under constant supervision. He freaks out if there's no roof over his head. So he gets the sunlight coming in at a slant while he's under the covered porch or laying across the threshold of our front door. He gets up and goes into the house to go to the bathroom on our rubber-backed floor rug in the entry hall. When he's all done sunning, he walks upstairs (like 25 steps!) and wants to explore one of the no-no rooms as if they were a wild jungle.

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    Haha! This has got to be one of my favorite tegu vids!
    Thanks for sharing, he's adorable.

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    Hi zarnach. Welcome back . I love that video. It's one of my favorite ones. He cracked me up when he wouldn't give up to get inside the hammock lol. You are doing a great job with him. I can't wait to see some more videos of him ( I subscribed ). Thank you for posting the great video. Please give him a hug from me.
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    lol that cracked me up stickin his head threw the hammock

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    He's a nice looking tegu! So funny...he's wondering why you have the best spot in the yard.
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    That's the cutest video ever. It's amazing how inquisitive they are.

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    Does he always come to you like that?

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    Well, maybe 80% of the time when outside I can call or get him to come to me. It starts with cage training. He has figured that if I'm reaching in his cage, then I'm either a means of getting him out or giving him food. If I extend my arms he will come and crawl up on my hands and use me for a ladder/elevator out of the cage. If I snap my fingers that is like ringing the dinner bell and he'll rush over to the feeding spot. So outside I can do the same gestures to get his attention, but that is just an appeal to his senses not real obedience. He does know that he must potty in the bathtub or he doesn't get to walk around the house.


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