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    So I don't have a Tegu, haven't even decided yet whether or not to get one. We're just in the very first phase of researching them. My question was, I breed rabbits for show and often have many cull rabbits that don't make show grade. The culls currently go to my friend's red tailed boa but if I can use them I would. They are small rabbits, netherland dwarfs, so the babies aren't much bigger than a rat pup and max out at 2.8 pounds. Would rabbit make a good staple food for a tegu since they're more nutritional than chicken and even turkey?
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    They would be fine. Rabbits are good feeders, they are just usually more expensive than rats and mice. Feed prekilled to prevent injury from kicking and biting.
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    @Dog Shrink, I wish I lived next door to you. I'm sure Hernando could learn to walk to your house, go in through a dog door, and help you cull some newborn bunnies.

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    Like Laurarfl said it wouldn't be an issue, since you breed you don't have to worry as much about price. But they would be more dangerous than a rat if not fed pre killed. I fed my crew rabbit, my only issue was the fur, they have way more and its denser. Which could mean a higher possibility for impaction or prolapse. So I skinned mine before feeding, call me paranoid but I didn't want to chance it.

    Since you breed you can sell the pelts, and fur or make (have someone make) stuff out of them.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. I don't know that I would have the heart to skin as well as cull but I have no problem (or I should say hubby doesn't) killing them to feed. Netherlands have a fly back coat so they don't have as dense a fur as some other rabbits tend to have so I would wonder if the impaction would still be an issue.
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    I personally dont see impaction being an issue with the proposed rabbits....but if you have it in you to skin...its definately an ok precausion to take. From what i know fur impaction comes from situations like this (hypothetically) i have a massive tegu...he should eat jumbo rats...but i feed him alot of mediums instead of 1 or 2 appropriately sized jumbos. in essence the high number of meduims resulted in alot of fur in his i think it seems to be because of people feeding a high number of inappropriately sized prey items. Thats what you need to be careful of. Hope that helps.
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