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Thread: Repti Racks?

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    Default Repti Racks?

    I've been looking around for a transportable hotel cage for my tegu in order to give us more options when we need a sitter. I'm looking at the aluminum frame/acrylic door cages from Repti Rack most recently. Has anyone ever owned/seen a Repti Rack cage? They have lots of video online, but it's not the same as seeing real-life and touching it.

    We have in mind a 4x4' or possibly as small as 4x3' length x width and a height of 28 inches. 28" is about an inch narrower than the doorways in our elderly house, so we can carry it in sideways. I'm thinking I'll have them add a pair of handles to each end of the base, plus a perpendicular handle near the top edge of each end for when it's tilted sideways. That would make it easier for two people to carry.

    I like these cages because, compared to wood or glass, they are light weight. Thing is, I don't know how light and haven't yet got a specific answer or estimate from the sales guy. He did say that it ships broken down. That makes it easy to bring it up the stairs to our main floor, but once assembled, will we be able to move it? Anyone have experience lifting one of these?

    Hernando is about 3 ft long. Will a 4x3' drive him nuts? He has recently stayed in a 4x4 hotel, but if we need to make it lighter, that's where I'd look. We're talking trips of 2 weeks or more.

    HernandosPapa and I are not big, young people with strong backs. Any feedback or advice would help. Thanks.

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    The only thing i know about the product is that i read an article by Kevin Cccurley owner of New England Reptile Destibutors and he liked the Repti racks alot. I have never dealt with these cagews personally tho.
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    I would think the 4x3 would be small for a full grown tegu. That's just my first thought. I know it's only like a hotel/kennel set-up, but would Hernando get that idea?
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