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Thread: Roaches Illegal Here.

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    I thought about using roaches as they are pretty easy to get but the idea of one getting out scared the crap out of me. I feed f/t rodents, fancy worms when they were little, ground chicken or turkey, chicken and turkey gizards, some places will sell a ground meat that contains bones/meat/organs, once in a while I give lean ground beef, hard boiled eggs are options but mine aren't fans, I give whole shrimps but not often as they give my guys the runs and thats the same with salmon and other fish. There is a falconry in Toronto that sells frozen day old chicks for 10 cents a piece he sells in 100pc lots. There are so many things you can give your Tegu, your options aren't limited to roaches.
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    I heard from my exotics teacher (the curator of Reptilia) that the Falconry place was going to stop selling those chicks to the public. He may have been talking about a different place though...


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