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Thread: Savannah Monitor Help?

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    But I always thought that since Savannah Monitors were specialized invertebrate feeders that they wouldn't be intaking enough D3 like a larger vertebrate-feeding monitor would.

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    Well if you look at geckos, who are invertebrate eater, they still don't need uva/uvb lamp and can live healthy without one.
    Being ectothermic, reptile needs to consume less food than mammals because you need a lot of nutriment/energy to create your own body heat. Plus, not to forget that savannah monitor in captivity are extremely lazy, needing less food than other monitor that spend a good time digging and exploring their enclosure.

    From what I read, an animal being diurnal doesn't mean necessary that they need absolutely a UVA/UVB light to live. It's more a question about how they absorb/synthethize the vitamin d3 from their food.
    If it was the case of ''diurnal activity = need UVA/UVB light'' then kingsnake (diurnal) would need UVA/UVB light to live.

    However, I believe that putting a UVA/UVB lamp in the enclosure monitor will bring benefits for him, but again is not a necessity.
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