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Thread: Goodbye Whisky

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    Default Goodbye Whisky

    I just wanted to say that we re-homed our Tegu Whisky a couple of days ago. The reason is that her enclosure makes it to hard for us to move to a bigger place. Turns out that we must sell our apartment before we are granted a loan for another one. And that is sort of impossible then half the livingroom is a rainforest. =/

    So we decided to re-home her and not to get any large reptiles again as long as we still live a apartment. In the future if we settle down in a house we might get a Tegu again. But until them I only going to focus on dwarf monitors.

    I miss her tons already! But we found a really nice home for her. She will be living outdoors and hibernate indoors. I'm sad for giving her away and it's ashame to tear the enclosure down. We have put so much effort and money into this project.

    But there are new things to look forward to. We made a deal so that we will buy one of his Varanus prasinus to a nice price in change of our Tegu. We are currently re-building our enclosure to a much smaller one and once we are done we will get the emerald. I'm so excited. I love tegus but these monitors are really nice too.

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    Sorry to hear it. Sometimes circumstances mean things have to change. I am glad you found a nice place for her to go.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I know you have put a lot of care into your tyegus and had a gorgeous enclosure!
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    Sorry to hear how things have worked out but you have always had the best interest in mind for your Tegu so I am sure this was the best for the tegu and yourselves. Best of luck with your monitor and I look forward to seeing pictures.
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    Default sorry to here

    you did a good thing by finding the GU a great home
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    So sorry to hear this, hon. You've out so much love, time, and money into the care of Whiskey. It shows character that you were able to do what was best for her though. *hugs*
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    I'm sad to hear you had to give up your pet. And that beautiful enclosure was a work of art! But it was good you were able to make the decision and do well for both of you with new homes. I hope you continue to visit the forum from time to time, especially to watch for questions about build enclosures!
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your new lizards after things settle down.

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    Sorry you had to give your gu was a tough call i am sure. I know it'd be hard for me..
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    Very sorry to hear that, it's the hardest thing. We've been apartment hunting, but refuse to move to a place that makes us give them up, so we're still in the house Best of luck to you, you took awesome care of Whiskey!
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