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Thread: When Will She Eat?

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    Question When Will She Eat?

    I got my Red from Nessie on April 9th. On the 10th, she ate a little bit of calcium dusted turkey/papaya/collards.

    Since then, she hasn't eaten anything. A couple days ago she slurped up a little egg yolk (as seen in my other recent thread) but that's about it.

    She won't take anything from tongs, she spends 80% of the time hiding on the cool side. Her basking spot is 101-106F, warm side mid 80s and cool side in the 70s. The UV (Repti Glo tube 10.0) is like 9-10" from the basking area. She'll occasionally bask for at least an hour everyday around 10am to 12pm. Then she's gone for the rest of the day.

    I've tried turkey (which was only eaten once), pinkies, superworms, whole ground chicken (bone + organs + small amount veggies), papaya, strawberries, quail eggs... I'm going to try crickets and other feeder worms but with the way she's been, I think they'll end up being Bearded Dragon food.

    I was thinking of cutting up some adult mice and offering her that. She also will not touch any cod liver oil.


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    Maybe she's still annoyed about the collards Are you leaving her alone with the food long enough for her to get over suspicion of it? Sounds like you are offering all good things, and I'd continue to do so.

    I would emphasize worms and pinkies/young mice until she gets brave. We are insane, but we actually put each food item in a separate bowl for Hernando when he was a baby, because we know how babies hate to have their foods touching each other.:lol: Seriously, maybe she is put off by one thing (say, papaya) so the smell of that ingredient is keeping her from trying another.

    I've read other peoples' tegus dislike cod liver oil, and same with ours. With everything else she's getting accustomed to, I would hold off before slipping her that. I've been hiding Hernando's dose down the throats of his dead prey items. Then I suddenly realized that a mouse has a SECOND orifice, without teeth, that an eyedropper can fit into! Anyway, it is not a crucial addition to the diet if she's having trouble settling down.

    A cut-up mouse will probably go over well, but toss in a few berries just to mess with her mind.

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    I turn on her lights, get ready for work and then put in the food. I generally get back from work around 1-2pm and check to see if she ate. I can usually tell she's been out when there's substrate all in her water/food bowl. lol

    She lapped up some egg yolk the other day when I left it in her enclosure... That's about it. lol

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    She hibernated last summer and I was hoping with proper 12 hours cycles she would hold off later, possibly early fall if she chose to hibernate again but I wonder if she is starting to get ready for a summer of hibernation again?? She was eating well, 2 pinkies or a small handful of little turkey meatballs. It could still be stress but this is a possibility
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    This could be stress still from the move! I would try everyday to feed her! maybe try a mouse brained. that seems to work a good amount of the time! try to give her as much space to not stress her out. Try not to dig her out of her burrow as this is her safe place!
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    I think she's going into hibernation. I haven't seen her in days now...

    A little disappointing...

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    I personally wouldn't feed Whiskas pouched foods to my tegus or even my cats. :S

    Unfortunately, I don't think my girl will be eating any time soon... I'm fairly positive that she's going to sleep for the summer.

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    I personally wouldn't either. Cat and dog foods are made for... cats and dogs. The only thing I feed cat and dog food to (other than, ya know, cats and dogs), is our dubia colony. And even then, I ONLY feed high quality, organic types, and not every day.
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    I don't mean to derail my own thread but another reason why I wouldn't feed Whiskas (or most other cat/dog foods) because of the BHA/BHT chemical preservative (possible carcinogen), Disodium EDTA "The only time to be ultra aware of disodium EDTA content is in processed foods and beverages, where disodium EDTA in reaction with active and unstable ingredients like Vitamin C and sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) forms benzenes, a potent carcinogen." along with other questionable ingredients...

    The only cat/dog food I'd feed to my tegu are raw diets with fresh, natural ingredients. Things from Nature's Variety "Instinct", Primal, Pets 4 Life, etc.

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    How's she doing?
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