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    Question Categories by US location

    I am on another forum that was a pretty close-knit group. It is Had sections on the forum based on geographical sections of the US, probably other countries too, for electronic dance events, clubs and raves. I figure this might be a good way for members to find other members locally on this site for tegus. I'm thinking about starting up some sort of group for Connecticut for tegus (and perhaps other reptiles eventually) on the internet though perhaps here or Facebook. Though I'd believe networking through here would be safer than Facebook. If it manages to grow big enough to turn into an actual club with members who want to meet up (not just on the web), then I'd be cool with seeing how that goes. Tell me what you think.

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    There are regional groups on this forum. If you look up at the header, you'll see the big tabs and then the little white lettered links. There is a drop down box titled "community". Then there is a selection/link for groups. In the groups section, people have created regional groups for Fl tegus, Maine tegus, Northeast tegus, AZ tegus, etc. Anyone can start a group I think, so you are perfectly welcome to start your own.

    So far, they don't seem to get a lot of traffic. If there are people who live close enough to actually get together, then that would be pretty cool. One time I flew into San Antonio so I met txrepgirl and we went to lunch. That was pretty fun.
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    Thats pretty neat! I wish there were more people in my area with tegus. I'm sure there are but not many off the forums. I know one member is in my area but thats it :(
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