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Thread: Polypterus, from the old world

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    Default Polypterus, from the old world

    Anyone keeps Polypterus?
    I've started to keep them since this month
    I perchased two kinds of Polypterus
    The first one is a Saddled bichir( Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri)
    A serrated dorsal fin runs along most of the body until it meets the caudal fin. So many fins on its back!
    This fish looks like a reptile! Cool!

    This is an armoured bichir(Polypterus delhezi )
    It looks like an Axolotl, a neotenic mole salamander, but actually not
    This fish has got a pair of caudal fin extending from behind the head as young

    Both are quite well eaters for fish pellets and living fish etc
    Still both tiny young fishes, but growing fast!

    They have some ancient characteristics
    Some of Polypterus are called the "dinosaur eel" or "Dragon"
    (because of its elongated, eel-like body and its serrated dorsal fin that is dinosaur-like. This species, however, is not a true eel. )

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