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Thread: hi, i'm james and i seem to have discovered tegus on accident.

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    Default hi, i'm james and i seem to have discovered tegus on accident.

    well i've always been intrigued by reptiles of all kinds. after a while i finally convinced my mom to let me keep one. after over a month of hard work i finally got the money for everything i needed. i went to the local reptile shop and put a savannah monitor on hold while i put the finishing touches on the tank and getting the temp and humidity just right. i did all the reaserch i could and had everything perfect so i went to go get my new pet. i got there and saw an empty tank. it turns out that the savannah monitor i had on hold had passed away a few days before. since i was such a loyal and trustworthy customer the shop owner said he's give me a discount on a new type of lizard he had just got into the shop. so i agreed and that day i took home my very first b&w argentine tegu. after some research i decided this would be an ideal site for any tips or questions so i signed up. any tips for a rookie tegu owner are greatly appreciated

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    welcome to the forum. You found the best place.
    There are a lot of experienced tegu keepers here and
    they are friendly.
    Tegu is one of the greatest lizard in this planet I think.
    Soon you'll find it.
    But first of all, welcome to the gate of the realm!

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    Welcome, jamesdurrance! This is a great place to learn from other tegu lovers and from keepers of all kinds of reptiles. By now I'm sure you've started your research, since you had prepared so well for your monitor. If you googled Tegu Care Sheet you probably came up with half a dozen, some with contradictory information Please feel free to ask any questions and you'll get lots of good answers.

    When I started my tegu research I first searched the Health Issues forum on this site. It has become even more helpful in recent years as people share not only their problems to avoid but also solutions from informed sources.

    Be sure to post some pictures of your new friend!

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    Hi James . Welcome to our Tegu forum family and congrats on your new Tegu. I had/have allot of lizards over the years but I have to say that the Tegus are by far my favorite ones ( we have five of them lol ). Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. Here are some infos for you check out for now. If you want to you also can check out my youtube channel ( located in my signature area ). There you can see some videos of mine on how I tamed down our Tegus and how cuddly they can be .

    Care sheets :

    Bulk order on rodents, crickets, worms :

    Info on rodents:
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    Welcome to the siite I am always on here because I am new to tegus too. Thet are wondrful rewarding lizards to keep. I agree on the friendly part I have never had a lizard with such great personalites before.
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    Welcome to the site,.. thanks for coming and congratulations on the new Tegu. They grow fast so take pics and enjoy the little one as long as you can. It may not have been your first choice but you won't be disappointed.
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    First tip from me would to keep a secure lid on the goos cage. You will read about people who lost their goos temporarily or forever just because they underestimated the strength of the goo.

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    Absolutely! Then my second tip would be to keep up the calcium supplementation and UV lighting.
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    And the proper humidity!
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    welcome! These are all great tips! I agree with everyone, I would also say to make sure you have a lock on your enclosure, they are very good at getting out and have fun with all the different things Tegus love to eat

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