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    Default 75 Gallon?

    I was just wondering how long would a 75 gallon aquarium last a young tegu? I know they grow very fast but I want to make sure this 75 gallon aquarium will last awhile so I'm not wasting my money just to find out my Tegu outgrew it in less than 2 months. Note - I do not have my Tegu yet but I will by September or October and I'm getting prepared to buy everything quite early.

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    It's hard to give an exact time. It all depends on how fast your tegu grows. If it hibernates the first winter, then it will last longer. If it doesn't hibernate then it will grow faster. Does a year sound right to anyone else?
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    Our little boy outgrew his after about 9 months. He was fine sleeping or basking quietly in it, but as soon as he was warmed up he had to come out. In hindsight, we should have started with a bigger enclosure and partitioned part of it off while he was a hatchling.

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    When we had ours as hatchlings, they outgrew their 4' x 2' enclosure within six months.
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    yea these things grow fast. no kiding, when i got mine(he was a lil smaller then a ft) i had him in a 65 gallon, with a piece of wood splitting it in half, then he out grew half of it and got the whole cage, then out grew that also, with in about a yr maybe a lil less. mine didnt hibernate so i guess he grew quicker.

    put'em in the 75 and get to designin and buildin a bigger cage.

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    When I had my tegu I just used rubbermaid tubs for when he was young. That way I could buy and new one cheap when the time came, and use the old tub for storage. Sadly, my goop turned out to be wild and had parasites really bad and passed. However, I plan on doing the same for my next tegu.

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    I think a year does sound about right but I would not waste the money on a small cage because your gonna have to purchase a bigger one soon. Can you do what HernandosMom Mentioned and partition part of a bigger cage off? Might be a little easier on your wallet Good Luck
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