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Thread: Looking for Argentine B&W to buy!

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    Default Looking for Argentine B&W to buy!

    Does anyone know a breeder in Ga or one that ships? I have been looking but having trouble finding any :(


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    I got mine from Bobby hill at varnyard, he ships and I had a pretty good experience with him. The first Tegu he sent me had an issue walking and died two weeks after i got him and bobby sent me another to replace. I have had the second one for almost a year and he is doing very well. Im sure other members have input on different breeders, but i would just say do your research and find someone who you like and are comfortable with. Hope this helps
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    I got two All American Tegus from Bobby Hill ( link below ) in 09 and I'm VERY happy with them.
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    We have quite a few breeders on this site and most of them if not all,.. ship. Out of the tegus I've had only two so far from breeders,.. Varnyard and Davedragon. But some of them are cooking up different stuff and have beautiful tegus ,.. so that could change .
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    I don't know where Tonka is from but I just got a 2010 extreme someone had gotten from vanyard. He is extremely beautiful you ca tell he is ging to be very calm and friendly when he gets more used to his ew home.
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