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Thread: Danish guy roaming your forum

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    Default Danish guy roaming your forum

    Hi everybody

    I just wanted to entroduce my self. I've been looking around at your forum for a couple of days now, so i guess it's time to say hello.

    My name is Jimmi and i'm from Denmark. (sorry for any spelling accidents, i'll do my best)

    My girlfriend and i finaly got our Argentine black and white tegus last week, and damn they are some amazing creatures! Love the allready!

    Here's some pictures of them and there enclosure... I'ts two ladies btw... (90% sure)

    Well, just wanted to say hi, i'll probably post some comments and questions time to time.


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    Welcome to the forum! Dont worry about your spelling/grammar, its probably better then mine!

    Your tegus are nice, thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome to the forum!! And yeah, don't worry about any grammatical errors; we have members from all over the World, and everyone seems to communicate just fine.
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    Sounds great guys. I wont hold back then. Looking forward to see a lot of pictures and get some inspiration in here.


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    Welcome to the forum, beautiful tegus you have there!
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