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Thread: UV strip placement?

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    Question UV strip placement?

    alright so Im expecting my red tegu tomorrow and i got a really great deal on a pretty cool enclosure off of craigslist. my only problem with it is the previous owner installed his own fixtures. he placed the 36" uv strip at the very back of the cage. Will this affect the tegus exposure to the rays? would it be more effective in the middle? does the tegu have to be directly under the uv strip in order to benefit from it?


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    I have seen enclosures designed like this and although i cant fully know for sure how to answer without seeing the fixture setup, I think (if its what i am picturing in my head) that this fixture will be fine, and the tegu will get good exposure from it.
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    If you're using a tube-type UV bulb (ReptiSun), then it needs to be about 6" to 8" away from your tegu for it to be of any benefit.
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    Plus the tegu needs to be at an optimal temperature for vit D synthesis. That's why the UV is usually close to the basking bulb.
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    As long as you keep the basking lamp nearby he should get enough exposure. It's close enough to where your tegu will be basking given the amount of mulch you intend to put down right?
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    yeah the enclosure is about 15" high so that will make the UV strip about 10-11 inches above him.


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