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    I visited one of the pet stores in our area today and to my surprise, they had a baby colombian black and white. He was quite active and seemed pretty healthy but if I do get the little one, I am taking him to the vet for a fecal exam. I'll be getting the little guy here sometime by the end of this month so I wanted to know how long will a 40 gallon long enclosure last a colombian tegu? I know with argentine tegus, a 40 gallon will last a few months if you're lucky, but what about with a colombian? How fast do Colombians grow?

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    I can't really answer that question since individuals grow at different rates. Maybe a year? Colombians (as any reptile) grow according to the quality of the diet and environment, and genetics play a part as well. But since they are smaller lizards overall, a year may be a safe bet.
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    I'd get the 40 gal tank, even if he does outgrow it, it won't be too fast I don't think. And you still want to be able to get to your tegu, but if there's too much room he'll always just run and hide, never get used to you being nearby.
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