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    Default Surprise Surprise

    My boyfriend's birthday just passed, and we went to Charleston, SC for the Repticon convention there.

    I had zero intention of pet-purchasing, we went because we didn't have any other ideas for his b-day. I was interested in finding Desmond some cool stuff for his tank, but after I didn't find anything my boyfriend found himself a leopard gecko that he liked a lot:

    Her name is Apple (she is a Mac Snow Leopard, so we named her after our favorite company lol)

    Then I went to the restroom - came back to a surprise of my own:

    He bought me a male leopard gecko, who is thus far nameless. I'm still deciding a name, and I'm stuck between Walsh, Jermaine, Akeem, and any names from Dethklok lol. He's a little over-protective and skidish, but I know that will change with the proper handling.
    Anyone have any name ideas?? I will post more photos soon!

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    Aw, those two are just adorable! Akeem sounds like a great name for the little guy, and I love Apple's name. Too funny!
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