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    Ello people. Im after some advice/experiences regarding housing a male and female Tegu together. After talking to several keeper's I have been told they can be housed together all year round? I wasn't aware that this was possible until recently so I wanted to get some know-how from people who have done it before.

    The female is the same size and has been hibernated every year and would be moving in to my male's enclosure, can anyone see any problems that may arise? I'm looking for a realistic view on problems that may arise and how best to introduce them.

    This is not set in stone, just something I'm researching to see if its viable or not.

    All the best


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    First question, do you intend to breed them? Because if you are, then she'll get very aggressive for a while towards everyone, male and you included. If you aren't intending to breed them, then you'll have to move one of them for when they wake up because their instinct will tell them to breed.

    Also, do they get along already? If they haven't met, then there could always be the possibility of them just not getting along.

    Lastly (or so far as I can think of anyway) if you put her in his tank, there may be territory issues. Most people who co-habitate their tegus use a new enclosure so it's new to both tegus and therefor uncharted territory, otherwise the male could very well think of the tank as 'his' and that she is trying to move in on his territory.
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    If you're not looking to breed, then I'd advise against it. If you are, then don't just move her into his enclosure; get/build a new one, or completely clean out and rearrange the contents of his first. Their instincts will take over, and he will try to breed with her. If successful, females typically become VERY aggressive and possessive about their clutch, attacking not only their owners, but have also been known to attack and kill the male.

    I personally just don't think it's a good idea.
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