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Thread: Finally finished my enclosure and got my tegu

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    Default Finally finished my enclosure and got my tegu

    It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I've never really built anything before, but luckily I have some friends that know what they're doing. It ended up taking about 10 days for me to get everything set up.

    I brought her (haven't named her yet) home yesterday. She seems to be doing well. She spends most of her day basking with little digging breaks. She dug and slept in a burrow last night. I got her to eat some mealworms and a banana today. Hopefully by Saturday she'll be comfortable enough for handling.

    Here's some photos:

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    The tank looks great!!! I assume you sealed the inside. I would consider sealing the beams inside too as they will absorb the humidity from the tank and slowly rot. Are you going to put some hides in there for him?
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    yea man that things looks nice, big and tall too. u should give her an upper level. maybe a little ramp and a shelf.....

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    I didn't seal it. That's actually part of the reason it took so long. I built a big chunk of the frame and used a deck sealant on it. But I found out later that these sealants use fungicides and mildewcides that are toxic. They become even more toxic when you expose them to heat and moisture. So I had to scrap those pieces. I decided to go with bare wood because there's no risk of toxicity and because the time horizon for this enclosure is so short. I'll be moving to LA in the next year and won't be able to bring the enclosure with me (it can't fit out the door). So there shouldn't be any issues with rot over such a short time span.

    A second level would be cool and if I'm feeling ambitious I might try it. But I think I'll save that for Version 2.0 when I move. I'd like to try using the same dimensions and frame as what I did here, but do the interior similar to what that German gentleman did with the mock stone.

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    I haven't put any hides there yet. Not sure if I'm going to. The substrate is deep (12") and she disappears every night underneath it when she sleeps.


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