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Thread: need some help on building a tegu cage

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    Feed troughs make excellent enclosure for a variety of reasons. A good deep substrate in a well sealed enclosure will keep humidity much better than a couple inches of wood mulch misted every day. I listen to the tegu. Does the tegu want to dig? Yes my tegu loves to dig. By digging the tegu is exerting energy and creating hides that fit his body tightly keeping moisture in his body and absorbing it from the substrate. Is your enclosure good because it looks good in your house or is it functional giving good temperature variance and humidity variance that lets the animal decide what it needs?

    I believe Bert Langerwarf always dug his enclosures 3' down. There was a reason for that. I'm not trying to knock what everyone else is doing I'm only trying to do what's best for my animals.
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    Here's a nice one from Frank Retes of Goanna Ranch.
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    Wow. I really like the last one. But how would you be able to clean it ? There isn't a door on there so someone could walk in there.
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