In reading some of the posts in the "Taming..." forum on the "other site", I was thinking that having something simular here would be a good thing.
I could be not so much about taming, (although that is part of it), but observations about Tegu / Human interaction and behaviors. It could include polls and questionaires as well. The object of having a forum like this would be to gather information about frequency of handling, effects of same, methods of handling, learning, agression, signs of wanting human interaction, (affection if you want), likes / dislikes about petting / stoking and location, (jowls, belly, chin etc, changes in behavior pre-shed and during shed, curiosity, ability to learn, specific human recognition and so on.

I would like to move the information gathered to a larger post available to anyone that has interest in this. The new forum would hopefully, have a sticky explaining what it is all about which would not be, "My Tegu is so cute", types of posts. I know that some of us, while enjoying the interaction with our Tegu's, also find the behaviors very fascinating on a higher level. The collected input would be invaluable to anyone who is new to Tegu's or seeing changes in behaviors etc.

I would be happy to help if there is anything I can do.