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Thread: High contrast Red male Tegu for sell (Best offer)

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    Default High contrast Red male Tegu for sell (Best offer)

    PICTURES OF my tegu can be found on the 4th post down on this thread


    I am selling my 3 year old high contrast red (From bobby hill) because I don't have time for him anymore.

    He is pretty tame but sometimes struggles when you hold him. He gets time outside his encousure every single day and and really enjoys exploring and laying in the sun that comes through the windows. He is only slightly cage agressive but doesn't bite at all when outside his cage. He has only bit me about 3 times in the past 3 years, usually because I have food on my hands.

    He is very dear to me but i just need to get my closet back and I cant give him the time he deserves.

    Whoever gives me the best offer is who gets him. I live in Saint pete beach Florida, 33706. He is avail, for local pick up or i can ship him.

    If you are able to come pick him up, i also have a cage i build for him that is 4' X 8' by 4' High. The cage is in very good condition however the front sliding mechanism doesnt work so you will have to use chicken wire or something to seal the tegu inside.

    Please PM me or email me at for any further questions.

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    Hi The goo ru. Hope you will find a good home for him. Can you please be so nice and post some photos of him on here. Some of the members on this forum might not be a member on the Tegutalk forum and can't see the photos ( just the small ones ). Thank you.
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    Looks like a great tegu. Good Luck.


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