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    So I am a bit of the "overly prepared" type who likes to know what he is getting into and have everything 100% ready. My name is Cody and I do not have a tegu...yet. I am hoping through this site and other helpful sites (Like Varnyard, etc.) I can be fully prepared to properly care for a tegu in a few months. I, however, will not own one until I have proper housing and sufficient knowledge. So for a while you probably will not hear too much from me, as I am solely lurking and trying to gain knowledge but I hope to one day share my experiences with you guys and be a fully functioning member of the community. I have a strong back ground in biology, and a passion for reptiles that stretches back to when I was a wee lad, so I am not completely scale dumb, but I know I have much to learn. I look forward to entering this world of tegu's with you, my fellow forum mates. Here is to starting *cheers*

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    Welcome to the site! and welcome to the club! Tegus are great animals, and as far as I see it, you are doing the right steps to prepare yourself for owning one responsibly. Kudos to you for that. Read, read, read, read, and you will be set for a while im sure. If you have any specific questions, or anything, feel free to make a post so we can answer it for you, thats why we are all here. Or if you want to get ideas or anything. Welcome and good luck!

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    Welcome to the forum! This is a small forum, but a very friendly group.
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    Welcome to the site and thanks for coming
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