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    Bryan Cho DBA JTK Reptiles
    I have posted stories about Gordo as well as pictures.
    I bought him from Bryan Cho who agreed to ship him from Southern California.

    Gordo is a large adult male, needing a large box.
    I specifically told him he would need at least 2-3 heat packs and an insulated box. Foam insulation is readily available at home depot. I also told him that nights and morning were in the low 20's to high teens here thus the necessity of extra insulation and heat.
    I paid for the box up front so he could buy the box to pack Gordo in.
    When Gordo arrived via Fed Ex priority, hold for pick up, I was at the facility when the plane load arrived. I immediately opened the box in the Fed Ex office. There was no insulation in the box. Inside the box was a plastic container which held Gordo. He only had one heat pack, cold by the way, a bit of shredded news paper for insulation and padding and a very small plastic water bottle which was hot, I assume, when the box was sealed. The box was not labeled as "perishable, live animal" either. Shipping was $180.
    Gordo was very cold. He was way beyond cool by this time and I was worried that he was going to die. I had the truck running and very warm inside and drove him home and gave him a long warm soak.

    He lived of course and is a happy and very affectionate camper. However, the way he was shipped was very poor at least and IMHO demonstrated either almost complete disregard for the animal, ignorance or both. He also neglected to tell me about the 4-6" of missing tail after I asked specifically about it prior to my purchase.

    I can't recommend this guy at all. Stay away.

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    OMG. That story gave me the chills. I can't believe he has the nerves to treat poor Gordo like this ( and you ). Thank God Gordo is alive. Thank you for the warning.
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