So I recently acquire a Bungie from an elder couple who found him outside of their home welp the bloak didnt have enough money to really take care of the thing. So i took it off their hands anyway from the several faq, website I found that most bungie's have a short life due to the fact they can become seed addicts and seeing how they are vegetarian's and need many of many different kinds of fruits seeds and what have you I decided hey you need to eat more than just these seeds lil buddy. So i tried many techniques I found online in my conquest to get the lil joker to eat anything other than just seeds.

SO Boong that annoying lil bastard refuses to eat anything but seeds after weeks of trying and trying to temp it with seeds and fruits mixed and it just picking around the fruits and just eating the seeds. I decided to throw out what I had read from the sites and Go back to my own personal tact the same i used for Tila when she was like but but daddy I's only's like's meaty's. SO I did not give Bong any of its seeds for almost a whole week And on that faithful 6th day I come walking up. To the cage and Boong is just squawking away jumping side to side looking very happy to see the Yellow container I had in my hand *Which was full of fruits* I before i could place it into the cage it Jumped onto my hand and began to consume the Fruits Eagerly.

I smile and look at Boong and say "Starvation is a Motivation to eat your Veggies" And now Boong eats whatever I throw into the cage fruits, greens, seeds and Oats It'll even eat it out of my hand. >:] Evil yesh but affective >:]