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Thread: Pelase help me finding a b & w tegu

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    Default Pelase help me finding a b & w tegu

    Hello everyone! Im new in this forum, but Im really interested in being part of your comunity, so I need your help finding a person who can sell me a tegu in México or send me one here.
    Thanx for your help!!!

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    Welcome to the forum! We'll keep on eye out for you.
    Laura R (FL)
    1.0.0 Colombian Tegu
    1.4.0 Argentine B&W Tegu
    1.2.0 Red Tegu
    1.2.0 B/WxRed Tegu
    1.0.0 Green Ameiva (yet another teiid)
    7 other lizards
    1 little gator
    3 FL box turtle
    1 Sulcata tortoise
    16 snakes
    5 fuzzy pets
    4 little frogs
    a bunch of creepy bugs
    and a partridge in a pear tree


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