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Thread: Arboreal Enclosure for a Colombian

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    Default Arboreal Enclosure for a Colombian

    Hey guys -

    I have fairly limited space in my apartment, though I know I could better fit a larger enclosure for my Colombian if it was arboreal styled with lots of foliage and climbing room.

    I have the space for a decent footprint (4'x4' max) which i could either place on the floor or place just off the floor on a mount that I put into the studs in my room (safe up to 400lb.)

    My real question is would a Colombian be ok with a tall rather than wide enclosure? I know that there is some level of climbing normally done with tegus, but I know they are not marketed as arboreal lizards.

    Anything would help. I have some rough-drawn ideas including a pool at the bottom for soaking with a filter, etc, and would be willing to put some cash into the project.

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    I am fairly new to this as I have just signed up for this forum today, however I have been doing a ridiculous amount of research regarding tegus. My input is probably of no regard since I am still waiting to receive my tegu from Bobby Hill of Varnyard however the size of your enclosure all depend on the size of the tegu. I have mostly been researching Red Tegus, however, i can safely assume that with the exceptions of tegu temperment, size, coloration and diet requirements it is pretty much across the board as far as general needs are concerned. I am fairly confident that most of the people on this site would advise against it. Not that is would necessarily be harmful to your tegu, but that they prefer flat ground. I have read on these forums that 4 feet wide would be ok for a tegu up to about a year old, but should be larger after one year old. As far as the height in concerned, I dont see anything quite wrong with having it as wide as it is tall. Just make sure you accommodate for the extra height of your enclosure for your uva and uvb light capabilities. the uvb or uva light will only have a finite effect and it is all based on proximity. If the light is too far away from the "basking spot", your tegu could suffer from some sort of uva/uvb deficiency.

    Also on some forums I have read, as a general rule of thum, your enclosure should be twice as long as your tegu. Your substrate should be twice as thick as the thickest part of your tegus body.

    I never thought of having a leveled enclosure for my tegu to roam around in, im very anxious to see what some of the other senior members say. good luck and hope to stay in contact


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