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Thread: Mazuri Reptile Diet?

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    Default Mazuri Reptile Diet?

    Hey Guys! So, they've been coming out with some crazy new diets for carnivorous reptiles these days. Repashy has come out with the Meat Pie, which is a just-add-water gel for monitors and tegus and Mazuri has always been around. I've used the Croc Diet as a supplemental food for my Black Throat and Savannah and the Tegus like it from time to time, but has anyone tried their Carnivorous Reptile Gel?

    Looking at the Nutritional Make Up it looks to be almost the exact same thing as the Repashy Meat Pie, but my tegus wouldn't eat the Meat Pie at all. Has anyone else tried any of these foods? How do you feel about their nutrition as a staple diet?
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    I use Mazuri tortoise chow for my Sulcata. He grazes the yard and gets hibiscus as treats, plus collard and Mazuri as a supplement. I used to use the croc chow 50/50 with rodents when it was readily available to me. I havne't tried the gel, but have thought about it. I don't feel comfortable using a lot of processed foods as a staple because of the grain and by-product content, but use them as part of the overall diet.

    Tegus seem so picky sometimes. One day I had few leftover pieces of tortoise chow and through on the pile of meat/veggies I was feeding tegus. Someone ended up eating it. I give it to my rats as treats,too.
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