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Thread: Bobby Hill 2012

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    I've heard a lot of things. But the bottom line is that you either ship a tegu or refund money. period.
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    I think in this situation, the truth is not in anything he has said but in the pattern of what he has done. He can claim weather, sickness, failure of incubation, take your pick. However, when you look at the few people from overseas who ordered from him that have spoken up (and there are several), the evidence is overwelming: He's charged these people thousands of dollars PER TEGU, said that a lot of the costs was for application of CITIES permits, the delays were from permit processing, and yet the people at Fish & Wildlife (or whomever it is that is responsible for issuing these permits) has stated that the actual costs for this are far, far less than Bobby claimed, and that Bobby has NEVER filed for any permits during this time. Mr. Hill has always been a scammer - before his scam was limited to bsing about how much he knew to drum up his business. Now he's just outright scamming for money.

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    Well hello everyone its been a while, I am one of those victims as well unfortunately.... I've been emailing Bobby as well as calling and leaving voicemails and not getting a response from either. I didn't send angry voicemails or emails I only sent that I wanted what I paid for and that we can ultimately get this resolved. I finally filed an Ic3 which we'll see how it goes. It just sucks losing money and also not having the tegu I built a tank for so its almost a year now and still empty. Also disappointed to see on his website that he's taking deposits for the 2013 season and hasn't contacted me to resolve anything or let me know what happened.

    First time doing a deposit like this but only went this route due to the massive respect and previous information given regarding Bobby in a positive matter. For those that did get their tegu or their money back congrats.

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    Welcome back. I'm very sorry to hear that you got scammed.
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