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Thread: New snake!!!!

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    Default New snake!!!!


    So I'm sitting here cruising Craigslist right. And I see TONS of reptiles on there. Never pay much attention to them. Then I click on a guy with multiple snakes. I see something catches my eye... A Yellow Ratsnake. Now, normally, I wouldn't care less. Snakes aren't even really my thing. But something told to call the guy. It snowballs. Next thing I now 2 days later (today) I am handing over 30 bucks for HER (confirmed). She. Is. So. Freaking. AWESOME!!!! She COULD NOT be more docile AT ALL. She isn't the kind of snake that keeps moving when you hold her. She just sits there all super-chill like. And yes, she was warm. She wasn't "inactive because of low temps". No matter how much you move her she is just so chill, and she has officially decided it is not fun to go back to her cage. She would rather sit on me (which she has today for about 2 hours). Pics tommorrow since I leave Tuesday for 9 days. SO EXCITED!

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    Congrats on your new snake . Well, now you know what to put in the other enclosure . Have a save trip. Don't worry, I'm going to take care of what I promised you.
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    I have been cruising craigslist for a cage and its been super dangerous for me, so many deals and Kewl animals that need homes! Can't wait to see pics that sounds like an awesome find! I might be adopting a ball python from someone that wanted to surrender it to the zoo (we get those calls all the time).
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    Default Congrats

    Congratulations on your Rat Snake. Do you know which part of the country it is from? I now you will enjoy it!

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