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Thread: Sample of What You Feed Your Tegu

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    Hi everyone!

    I have an Argentine B/W Tegu and I have been trying to vary its food during the duration of the week.

    Does anyone have a food schedule that they follow for their tegu that I could see? I would like to see what everyone else is feeding their tegu.

    Thank you!

    ~ Frances

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    i don't really follow a schedule but i switch it up... so ill tell you kinda what i do... first i make a lot of one diet and divide it into bags and freeze it making it easy when its feeding time... i thaw and serve w/ supplements if i need to the other day i mixed ground beef, mango, avocado, pineapple (not a lot) and sweet potato (baby food) w/ some meal worms for added interest and texture. I mix it all together in a mixing bowl and then take a little out and bag it i got about 9 bags of the mix and i will feed him that one or 2 days this week. I have another mix i put together its turkey with kiwi, papaya, tomato and some boiled egg w/ shell... he will get that 2 times this week and then on saturday (the day i feed the snakes) i will let him have a small rat if he wants it... which he generally does... he won't always eat when i offer food and what he doesn't eat i put in a tupperware container in the fridge... and offer it again later i also have given him fish, pork, earthworms, superworms, shrimp and this weekend i am going to the asian market to get some fun bugs
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