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    Default whites tree frog

    I've been in love with these guys since my first one started singing to led zeppelin and only led zeppelin, so I snapped a pic of cake while cage cleaning and thought id share..IMAG2004.jpg
    Bearded Dragon (2001) Valcore
    Box Turtle (found 2006) Panzer
    Albino Cornsnake (2011) Dante
    White's Tree Frog (2012) Cake
    Tiger Legged Monkey Frog (2012) Unnamed
    Columbian Tegu (2012) Achilles
    Ball Python (2012) Poe

    Basset Hounds Snickers (2000-2011 RIP), Leonidas (2009), Murphy (2010), Theodora (2011).

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    LOL. I've had the same pair of males for 6 years. I adore them!! I have a male dwarf pyxie that croaks around 8pm and when certain background music is played on thrillers or cheering. It cracks me up!
    Laura R (FL)
    1.0.0 Colombian Tegu
    1.4.0 Argentine B&W Tegu
    1.2.0 Red Tegu
    1.2.0 B/WxRed Tegu
    1.0.0 Green Ameiva (yet another teiid)
    7 other lizards
    1 little gator
    3 FL box turtle
    1 Sulcata tortoise
    16 snakes
    5 fuzzy pets
    4 little frogs
    a bunch of creepy bugs
    and a partridge in a pear tree


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