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Thread: Crocodile Geckos- Rare?

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    Default Crocodile Geckos- Rare?

    I saw one at my pet store, adn the poor guy has been there for quite awhile. The people know me well and are begging me to get him (they do that with any of the ones they can't sell though haha). I keep seeing they are hard to come by, and he is VERY affordable, just wondering how rare they really are.

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    I've seen quite a few keepers on-line. I don;t know if they are rare, or just a specialty kind of animal. Not everyone is into geckos. But if you are into those sorts of geckos, then you really are into them. Since they are typically hands-off, they aren't as popular.
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    I'm sorry, I can't help you on that one. I don't remember seeing them before. I would check out some gecko forums and see how many owners of them are out there and ask them about it .
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    My friend has a crocodile gecko. They don't seem to be very rare. He had no problem getting his.
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    i saw one at a really ghetto pet store they have in a mall in reno so i dont think they would be toooo rare


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