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Thread: New reptile song, sing along!

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    Default New reptile song, sing along!

    Ok everyone!!!!!!!! New reptile song sing along! POOP DAY YAY! ♪ We are cleaning poop today, poop today, poop today, we are cleaning ♫ POOOOOOOP toooo daaaay! ♪ : ) My new song for Reptile care : ) LOL!
    Note: I am speaking from my own experience, so if it dose not work for you I am sorry but it did work for me.

    Tegus kept me happy in a dark time in my life. So if you say I am crazy for loving these animals, who cares what you think.

    1.1.1 Cuban Rock iguanas Nabila
    1.2.0 Argentine Red Tegus
    1.2.0 Bearded Dragon
    Coming soon!
    1.1.0 Extreme Chacoans Tegus
    1.3.0 Argentine Black and White Tegus.

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    Time to Change your Water (splish splash) time to change your water dddiiisssshhhh. Time to get you some grub (creepy crawly, crawly, crawly) Time to clean your cage TOOODAAAYYY


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