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Thread: Finally on the forum

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    Default Finally on the forum

    Being a snake keeper for over 10 years. But always had such an interest in tegus. Hoping to get one soon. Using the forum to learn even more.
    I have never been bothered by any snake bite of mine. But, the tegu scares me I am looking to get a baby B&W so I can work with them. I mean if i can put up with a super nippy Jungle Carpet when it was young then hopefully a tegu.
    Any info is appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of information here on Tegu care, do a search for care sheet and you will find some great information. Hope this helps.

    Here is a link I found that would be good reading.

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    WeHosnakeguy. Welcome to our Tegu forum family. Don't worry, Tegus are not that hard to take care of if you ( every new owner ) do your research . They are amazing lizards and very funny. If you want to you can check out my Videos on youtube ( the link is in my signature ). I also would start reading the infos in the links below . Hope you will find the Tegu you are looking for. I also will give you some links on some Tegus for sale.

    Tegus for sale:

    Our Admin laurarfl has some very beauriful black/white and red hybrid babies
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    Our videos :

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    welcome to the forum and to the wonderful world of tegus they are absolutely fantastic animals so clever and affectionate (well my guy is)


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