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    My name is Stephanie I'm a Tattoo artist/Model/Reptile enthusiast. I am finally making the move from New York to Florida. I will be moving sometime end of september or mid october.Hoping to get more info on my tegu here as well as meet some new friends from Florida. Florida is new to me so hoping people can help me out. Info on shows,best hang outs etc...

    I will be located in Orlando.

    Hope to make some new friends out there and Florida welcomes me


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    Default Re: Moving to Florida

    Hi I'm.fro
    Queens NY and wanted to know if u have a enclosure u r selling

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    No sorry, everything is coming with me..

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    Good luck with the move and everything else. You are very sweet so I'm sure you will have no problems making any friends . If you want to you can check out the link below. My boyfriend and I signed up on our local meetup group ( to go hicking, bike riding .... ) and we met some very nice people.
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    Welcome to Florida and Orlando!! If you are on Facebook, check out the Cental Florida Herpetological Society page
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