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Thread: Tannin - The Black Throat Monitor

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    Wink Tannin - The Black Throat Monitor


    Here's our yearling black throat monitor and I hanging out at the shop. Unlike tegus, I've found that Black Throats are extremely owner conscientious and they rarely stray far from their main source of security. My tegus I can bring to the shop and they roam for hours greeting everyone as they come through the door, but the black throat would rather cling to me all day and isn't entirely 'stranger friendly.'

    Then again, she is still a baby.
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    How cute. When did you get Tanin ? I didn't even know that you got one until now. This is so cool that you get to bring your pets to the shop. I thought the Tegus grow fast but it amazed me how fast our black Throat Monitor ( Houdini ) grew. Please keep us updated. I would like to see some more photos of him . Thank you.
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    Good looking BT. I have one that is a male about two year old that is way to big to hang on my shirt 57" and 20#. His claws are huge as well.
    All in all, he is a nice guy though and while he hisses once in a while and tail whips on occasion, has never tried to or threatened to bite. Actually, when he is in the bathroom he seems to like attention. He can really put away the groceries though! ;-O

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