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Thread: Best age to get a tegu?

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    Default Best age to get a tegu?

    When I get baby snakes i tend to not handle them very much until they have some size. Then they are alittle more calmer. I have read that you should start with a bay tegu if you want to tame it. Should you start with as young as possible? Or get alittle older one?


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    It doesn't really matter, start with what you want and or are comfortable with.
    It's similar to getting a cat or dog. Do you want something older that's more than likely already trained or in this case worked with. Pretty much set in it's ways personality wise and depending on where it comes from you can ask questions to find out it's likes or dislikes. Or do you want to start fresh with something younger that you have to work with and put in the time and effort to raise and watch it grow.
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    I have an adult, Gordo, that I acquired when he was 3. He got used to me in a day or so. He heats whatever I feed him and seeks attention. I would buy an older Tegu over a baby if I could see how he behaves with his keeper and others. Older Tegus are less fragile and are much calmer.
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    Hi WeHosnakeguy. Welcome to our Tegu forum family. There are some good points in the above posts. If have the chance to see one in person or some videos on youtube ( of the Tegu that is for sale ) then I would get a older Tegu if it's tame. But if you have the time to tame a baby one then I would get a hatchling. We have five of them and we got them all as hatchlings. It's so nice to see them grow up .
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