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Thread: I am getting very worried.

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    Default I am getting very worried.

    Hey all,

    I've had my first tegu (Argentine b & w) since the first week of September (i was told he was 3 months old). During the first week, everything went great. He was so tame, ate well, etc. Over the second week, he began coming out less and less. It now has been a month since I have seen him at all. I was told he came up once about 3 weeks ago, but I was at work. Now, I know hibernation is normal and this is the time where they begin the process, but is it normal for him not to come up at all in 4 weeks? At first, It was easy accepting that he would be going through his natural cycle, and I was prepared to miss him. However, i did not know that I would be this worried. He also has not eaten for a month now, which I presume is normal for this time of year. And I figure he will come out to eat and go to the bathroom when he needs it. But is there any reason I should be worried about his health? Or is this a normal thing to go through?

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    I would say "don't worry about it" but I am sure it won't help. Last year, my little one was up for a couple of weeks and only came out once in a while to drink and bask.
    If you are really concerned, use a flexible rubber spatula and gently uncover him or her. It won't like it but it doesn't hurt a tegu to be awakened. Don't use your hand to uncover him as you will be very likely to be bitten. I uncovered Capt'n Jack a few times last year with no ill effects.

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    Ssra was born around the end of June, so really close to yours. About the first of September he quit eating and started sleeping. He usually comes out for about 2-3 hours/day and sleeps the rest of the time. I can tell he has been out since he reburrows everytime he sleeps, and usually throws his bedding into his water. Just last week, it was 3 days that he didn't come out. I know he comes out 2-3 hours, just because that is what he does on the days I catch who knows for sure....the dirty water is my only firm clue if he came out during the day or not. When it has been a few days since I have had to change his water, I do move the substrate just enough to find him and see him breathing - the substrate moving is kind of creepy, lol. It has been 2 months since Ssra has eaten, but he is maintaining his weight. After the first week/two of him not eating I started weighing him. He is holding steady at about 102 grams. So, get a scale, wake him up and weigh him...then in another week or two weigh him again. If he is not losing weight, it is definitely hibernation. I live in northern nevada, and even my vet said he has seen more animals going down sooner this year. This is my first experience with hibernation, and yes, it is a bit unnerving...../hugs

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    I have a little one that is down completely, an adult red down completely, two adults that are half/half. Another adult is eating, but then basks briefly and hides. So it is definitely the season to be sleepy!
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    I know the hibernation season can be very frustrating to a new Tegu owner. You have nothing to worry about . He will be fine. Tegus eat alot before they go into hibernation. They will store their fat in the base of the tail. When they hibernate the metabolism slows down alot and the heart rate is very low, too. I do not recommened waking him up. This can stress him out. He knows what he is doing. We have five Tegus. Two of them go into hibernation at the end of September or the beginning of October and they hibernate all the way to April. The other two slow down but still come out every now and then and drink then go back into the mulch. Our Leonidas ( he is the first one we got in 07 ) he never hibernated. Since it sounds like that your Tegu is hibernating I wouldn't keep the lights on. Don't worry. The enclosure will not be to cold for him if you have it inside the house. I do would put some fresh water in the enclosure in case he does come out to drink. Since he isn't basking much or at all he will not be hungry.
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