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    My tegu just ate a large Portobello Mushroom and a half of another one. Is this okay for him to eat? Is it good for him, bad, or neither? He really enjoyed eating them and this was after scarfing down two large adult mice. I searched high and low and I did not see any information about health risks, but I didn't see any information that they were good for Tegus either.

    He seems to be doing fine. He's currently under the couch cusion which he managed to squeeze himself under.

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    Keep in mind that Tegus are Omnivores and it is safe to assume while walking about in - the wild they will be bound to run across that patch of mushrooms and as wel all know meat type food doesnt just sit on a plate and allow you to consume them so they do not always catch what they would perfer to eat. Of course if the mushroom is poisonous then Thus end the Tegu life lol

    But keep in mind that there are also a few things that lizards can not consume. I suggest you stay away from it until we can confirm if it is safe for them to consume mass amounts of shrooms. And if they can I would suggest it only be a treat and not a main diet.

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    Mushrooms are ok to feed, I have given my tegu and many other herbivorous and omnivorous lizards mushrooms in their salads for over two years now. But keep in mind they are high in phosphorus and low in calcium, so have a low calcium:phosphorus ratio. It's actually really low, especially in portabellos it is about 1 Ca : 30 P. So make sure you don't feed those too often and supplement with calcium or feed a calcium-rich food to go with it. Calcium powder would actually stick nicely to the dark, frilly underside of the mushroom cap.

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    A small excerpt written by some friends of mine:

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    It seems to be an expensive treat IMHO. I have a better idea, send the Portobellos to me for safe keeping and testing.

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