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    hi, at what age do tegus begin breeding? any tips? thanks

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    I read on the forum, around 3years of age.

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    my blues bred for the first time at less than 2 years old, with no hybernation. i would think with hybernation it will take longer.

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    thanks, she is not hibernating.

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    I wouldn't risk it with any female less than 2yrs old even at that age they're technically not even adults yet but sub adults. It's one thing to let a male breed when it's young and ready but completely different to breed a young female. Since females do all of the hard work and males are just sperm donors complications can happen at anytime with any animal during reproduction but are more likely when they are too small, young or too old.
    Tegus grow fast and a lot of it is done within their first two years. Fast growth requires a lot of calcium (not just for bone development) and the egg calcification stage during production takes a lot away from that. Which can lead to all sorts of immediate and or degenerate issues.
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