(1) I think we should have a Caiman Lizard SubForum :P
(2) Since there is so little information out there for Caiman Lizard I figured I'd share any and all experiences I happen to have with mine. So this is a tracking thread on a lesion we've been treating for about a month.


Caiman Lizard (Male) - Bubba
Farmbred - ~ December 2011
In My Care Since: March 2012
Weight: 600 Grams (19 December 2012)
Diet: Mazuri Croc Diet, Eggs, Chicken Hearts and Gizzards and the occasional clam.
Supplements: Repashy Calcium Plus

Lesions Noted On Back and 40% the way down his tail; no obvious cause has been noted. Occurred shortly after transfer to large enclosure (8'x8'x8') and he has since been moved back to 40G Breeder Tank for close observation. Current substrate is newspaper with a shallow corner bowl. He spends most of his time basking under the 100W PowerSun.

Initial Treatment: Weekly cleaning with Betadine followed with application of Silver Sulfadiazine.

19 December 2012: Performed a Batril Injection (.06 ml) 3 scale layers above lesion.


Will continue to update with progress -- if ya'll have any general questions on Caiman Lizards or have some ideas for this particular situation feel free to throw them in here - Dez