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Thread: Tegu in couch?

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    Hello everyone! I wonder if you wont let era Tegu go back in the cage and climb up on you, or if you raise the lizard when he is in the other direction? I dare not really let him get close to my hand, but I'll take him when he turned away from me, do I right or should I let him go back all the way to my hand? I would like to have him on the couch but do not want him to be scared! Do you think I can take him to the couch and have him in your arms without anything happening? Has never been bitten! thanks

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    Anything could happen especially if he's not use to being handled, which could cause him to run off if you let him on the couch or free roam. Letting him free roam is not a problem as long as you tegu proof that area. By tegu proof I mean cover and or block off any area you don't want him to go or small places that he can fit into but you can't get to him, like under or behind cabinets, sinks and things like that.
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    To be honest with you it's hard for me to let you know what you could do with your Tegu. Because I don't know his personality. If he hasn't bitten you yet then I would think that it's fine to pick him up. I would get to him very slowly so you don't scare him. Come up to him from the side ( if you are to scared being in front of him ) and not from behind. If you want to put him on the couch I recommend giving him a bath first so he will poop. Or you can put a waterproof mattress cover on the couch in case he does poop on the couch . The mattress cover also covers up the holes between the cushions so he can not get inside the couch. This has happened to one of our member's before and they had to take the couch apart. If you want to you can put a shirt over him so he can't see you. Then pick him up.
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