Just figured I would write a review for them. About 3 weeks ago I ordered my tegu (Mushu) from Glades Herp in Bushnell, Florida. After reading mixed reviews I was definitely skeptical, but I was too impatient to wait for the new babies of the year so I went ahead and ordered from them. He arrived the next morning, and i just put him in his cage and let him be.

The days passed and he didn't really eat or come out so I was scared that he was either sick or just hibernating. So two days ago I took him to the Vet, who told me he was very healthy (slightly underweight, but no problem) and he was in fact just hibernating.

On top of that good news, he is also extremely well behaved considering the little contact I had with him and that he was wild caught. He doesn't hiss or do any of that when I go to pick him up, and he will gladly sit in my lap and let me pet him.

Thanks to Glades Herp and the great pet!!