So I was working with weasley... he has been SUPER testy these last few days. Attempting to bite me (which he has opened his mouth but usually chills out) anyway He just shed so he is ok on that note, he is super well fed (that has to do w/ the 2nd question) healthy and normal my question is at what age (round about) is their "adolescent jerk" age? If it is about 2 years old then we are about there so I was thinking that might be the reason he is testy. 2nd question is anyone else's tegu eating LIKE A PIG weasley is eating daily just scarfing food down normally he will eat a big meal one day and then small meals for a few days after. Lately he has been eating big meals daily. I think he is going through a growth spurt but idk. Last but not least... He found a piece of yarn probably 15 minutes ago... orange yarn and before i could get to him he ate it... any suggestions to help prevent that from blocking him up? I plan on watching to see if he gets it out.... thanks everyone!