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    Hi guys. In my quest to learn more about tegus, I still have some questions. One of these is how long do they need UVB each day? is it all day, all night, or 24 hours? Do I have to dust the food? Are they Houdinis? Is Cyprus Mulch a good substrate? Do they need a large enough water dish to soak in? Please answer?
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    I leave my heat lamp and UVB on for 14 hours then let it cool down to room temp at night. Dust food for babies daily up to a year then dust 2-3 times a week until fully grown then once a week after that. yes they are houdinis they will hide in the most interesting places if the can get their head in it. I use a mix of cypress multch and organic soil for humidity. Yes they need a big bowl to soak in. Cat litter boxes seem to work well for me

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