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Thread: what is the most expensive morph for a argentine tegu?

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    Well, to be truthful, there are some adherents that stick to a very, very tight definition of morph. That definition means a strong delineation of types within a species. Primarily, we're talking about things like ants or bees, where you have a queen, workers, drones, soldiers, etc. and those would be morphs. Under that sort of definition, nothing we see in tegus would be called a morph.

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    Default Re: what is the most expensive morph for a argentine tegu?

    Well words like Morph can be defined in many ways depending upon what way your speaking. For instance, it can be as vague as the ball phython color morphs to the tegu morphs which differ more than just color.

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    I actually do not like the word morph because it is so vague. It is right up there with mutation. ugh. In the reptile hobby, a reputable 'morph' or 'line' is usually proven out through selective breeding over many generations.

    When I wrote that answer, I was thinking of the question that asked which morph was better: red, blue, or b/w. Maybe I need to go back on vacation. haha.

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    Ok so I am going to pipe in here and I could be very very wrong but I do believe that morph specifically refers to an animal of the same species with defining genetic differences such as an albino anything is a morph of whatever species it is. Blues are a genetic mutation of the original black and white and therefor considered a morph while the "all american tegu" is a hybrid of 2 species and a morph... which is kinda silly..
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